Current Matters

Mural-Atrazine PCB, Williamsburg, South 2nd

ENVIONMENTAL JUSTICE INITIATIVE is involved with a number of interrelated issues through representation and/or advocacy, some of which include:

Water Rights
Access to clean water is one of the most important environmental and social issues of our era, marked by climate change and decaying infrastructure. It is an underlying theme in many cases and controversies, spanning many sites and sources of contamination. NYELJP is engaged in ongoing work with communities in Detroit and Flint, Michigan, as well as in Lawrence County, Alabama, and here in New York.

Now that nine public officials have been criminally charged over the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, public attention is beginning to turn to the critical importance of clean water and a government accountable for providing it. As many as 10 million lead pipes are still in use despite the 1986 congressional ban. In a recent investigation by The Guardian, less than 10% of responding U.S. cities had followed EPA guidelines for water testing, with many using multiple methods to “cheat” tests.

NYCHA PUBLIC HOUSING -Smith Houses Resident Association – Remediation of the Hurrican Sandy devastation continues. Mismanagement of $85 million contract causes critical tree loss and exposure to toxins by a vulnerable population that suffered from the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster.


More information on MTBEs and PFOA/PFOS, among others, to come.