Mission and Donations

The Environmental Justice Initiative/New York Environmental Law and Justice Project  is a non-profit public interest organization based in Manhattan which counsels and represents groups and individuals concerned with the preservation and improvement of community environmental conditions- in the face of Climate Crisis and the Pandemic. We believe it is possible for people to protect themselves and their communities from dangerous and burdensome environmental hazards through knowledge and effective and affordable legal avenues. Environmental justice should be available to all people regardless of race, gender or age. By utilizing our “commando” law techniques we are able to effectively promote the interests of the environmental community. –

Joel Kupferman, Esq., Executive Director
Columbia Fiero, Documentarian
Annie Wilson, Senior Energy Advisor

Environmental Justice Initiative // New York Environmental Law and Justice Project
301 West 107th St Suite 4W
New York, NY 10025-2793
Phone: 917-414-1983  Fax: (212)-658-9540
Twitter: @nyEnviroJustice

For all inquiries, email: info@nyenvirolaw.org



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